Impulse to Action


Supporting you, your business, your ideas … your IMPULSES, to go from concept to completion

Let's make it happen!

It’s an all too common story … hearing a person’s spark of brilliance; an idea for a business, for a book, a project, a concept etc. and it does not come to fruition … we are left with the IMPULSE, but the ACTION in whatever way does not lead to completion.


Why we don’t get to action … or … why do we have a block in action … are some of the most important questions to explore as one begins to move along the path of Impulse to Action.

Is the block in action because:​

  1. You don’t know where to start

  2. You reach an obstacle along the way

  3. You near a point completion, but don’t quite make it

  4. You have hurdles that seem insurmountable

  5. It all seems like a ‘good idea’ but quite unachievable in reality

  6. You are not sure what steps to take

The team at Impulse to Action Consulting bring a practical, step-by-step approach that supports any person to take their impulse, put it into action, overcome the hurdles, reach a point of completion and then increase the quality and output ongoingly so … keeping your impulse in a process of continually expanding action.

Whether you need a once off consultation or an ongoing personalised package and/or specialised workshops to support your organisation or individual needs, we tailor make services to answer your call.

You name it –

we can support to

make it happen

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