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Impulse to Action Consulting
Impulse To Action Consulting

Impulse to Action



Supporting you, your business, your ideas …
your IMPULSES, to go from concept to completion

Let's make it happen!

It’s an all too common story … hearing a person’s spark of brilliance; an idea for a business, for a book, a project, a concept etc. and it does not come to fruition … we are left with the IMPULSE, but the ACTION in whatever way does either not get off the ground at all or does not lead to completion.


Why we don’t get to action … or … why we have a block when it comes to action … are some of the most important questions to explore as one begins to move along the path of Impulse to Action.

Is the block in action because:​

  1. You don’t know where to start

  2. You reach an obstacle along the way

  3. You near a point completion, but don’t quite make it

  4. You have hurdles that seem insurmountable

  5. It all seems like a ‘good idea’ but quite unachievable in reality

  6. You are not sure what steps to take

The team at Impulse to Action Consulting bring a practical, step-by-step approach that supports any person to take their impulse, put it into action, overcome the hurdles, reach a point of completion and then increase the quality and output ongoingly so … keeping your impulse in a process of continually expanding action.


Whether you need a once off consultation or an ongoing personalised package and/or specialised workshops to support your organisation or individual needs, we tailor make services to answer your call.

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You name it –

we can support to

make it happen

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