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Corporate Presentations & Workshops - Impulse to Action Consulting
Impulse To Action Consulting

Corporate Presentations & Workshops

Impulse to Action Consulting offers presentations and workshops to support corporations, businesses and groups to successfully integrate the processes required for developing, continuing, evaluating, modifying and expanding all aspects of business and project operations and guide them to reach their full potential.


We have what we call universal workshops that are commonly supportive for many organisations; these can either be used as they are or to give you an idea and overview of the content we can cover.


Universal workshops are offered as a guide, noting here that presentations can also be customised to suit your specific organisational needs.


Our workshops are offered on a 3-hour or 6-hour basis, depending on the specific needs addressed. Some suggested time frames are:

  • Half day (9am to 12pm; 12pm to 3pm or 5pm to 8pm)

  • Full day (9am to 3pm)

Universal workshops cover:*

  • Taking your impulses and turning them into action on your own

  • Business is about people first … then profit will follow

  • Embracing change in business

  • Increasing productivity and output in the workplace

  • Building relationships will support connection to the business purpose

  • A business without dynamics … is it possible?

  • Communication in the workplace … does our communication support or harm our business?

  • Building a team of people who are ready to serve

  • Mental health in the workplace

  • Introduction to setting up a business

*We customise material for your organisation

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