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Impulse to Action Consulting - History & Origins
Impulse To Action Consulting

History & Origins

Impulse to Action Consulting is a testament of what it means to work alongside another and others to support people and their idea, businesses and projects to go to the next level. As the old sayings goes, “two heads are better than one” and “many hands make light work” the depth and scope on offer expand exponentially when we work together.

Why the rubber bands? Impulse to Action was birthed after an uncanny repetition  of 'red rubber band sightings' when Susan and Tanya were together.  Knowing that rubber bands are about expansion and holding things together, they knew there was an expansion on offer for all. They brought their combined strengths and qualities together and alas – the birth of Impulse to Action.


Impulse to Action is the result of what Tanya and Susan individually and together experience commonly, not only in their offices or clinic rooms but life in general – when people have an idea or are faced with a choice or several, are presented with unfamiliar territory and don’t know where to turn and how to get started.

Tanya Curtis & Susan Scully

Many would say Susan Scully and Tanya Curtis are ‘double trouble’ in the cheeky and playful sense of the phrase (or at least they assume so ... ha!); but fun aside, it is steeped in the sense that comes from over ten years of friendship, their common love and deep care of people and how they see and understand life.

Have you ever had an idea or even a zillion ideas to do something and not known where to start, so put to the side or considered as a fluke or pie in the sky stuff or even just laughed off what might have been easily achievable with deep care, respect, appreciation and true support?

What would it be to get the facts or consider it more deeply –
give yourself and the idea some time and space?


Why not dedicate the time and space to exploring
the potential of the potential?

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Hello and welcome to the birth of whiteboard sessions and
Impulse to Action Consulting.

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