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Impulse To Action Consulting


The Impulse to Action team offer what we affectionally call ‘fitness programs’, knowing that fitness surpasses the everyday physical fitness and thus, our programs support people to be ‘fit for everyday life’.


We go to school and get educated, but what happens when life throws us a curve ball
how does that impact on our everyday life?


We live in what we call ‘the classroom of life’ which surpasses the lessons that are taught in our functional and curriculum-based classrooms and educational institutions. Rarely if ever have we been taught to deal with:

  • The loss of a loved one

  • Losing a job

  • Bullying in our home, workplace, school, life

  • Conflict

  • Asking for a pay rise

  • Workplace dynamics

  • Accidents, illness and disease

  • Comparison, competition, jealousy, judgment, feeling undermined

  • Corrections and feedback

  • Pull ups and pull downs

  • Relationship challenges

  • Receiving compliments

  • People not living the way we expect them to

  • Low productivity, inefficiency, incompetence, dismissal, non-consideration for others and the effects on business

  • People not doing their job

  • Handling success

  • Tall poppy syndrome

  • Standing out

  • An endless list that impacts on how we are in and feel about life

All these lessons and more come under what we call the classroom of life and life here including every moment of every day, with an endless supply of lessons yet to be mastered.

We may have the functional skills to do our job, but have we learnt the skills to deal with all the other elements that life presents? If not, they are likely to impact on our ability to deal with everyday life, including how we are at  work,
in family and relationships.

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Our ‘Fit for Everyday Life Programs’ are designed to support individuals, business, teams and organisations to develop means of building their fitness in all parts of the classroom of life to increase productivity and flow in teams and groups everywhere.

The programs include:

  • Impulse to Action Fitness

  • Work Fit

  • Psychological Fitness

  • Communication Fitness

  • Relationships Fitness

  • Completion Fitness

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