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Tanya Curtis - Co-Founder Impulse To Action
Impulse To Action Consulting

About Tanya Curtis

Tanya Curtis is an entrepreneur and the founding and managing director of an award-winning business that is successful based on easefully taking her impulses and turning them into action … she is an action woman at heart.


Tanya commands a very practical, person-centred, step-by-step approach that turns any seemingly insurmountable idea into an easeful possibility.


Tanya has an endless profile of experience in taking her impulses and turning them into action … her portfolio includes but is not limited to:

  • Founder of Fabic Behaviour Specialist Clinic (2006)

  • Founder of Fabic Publishing (2018)

  • Founder of a leading behaviour change program – Body Life Skills (2016)

  • Author of a series of books that present and  support lasting behaviour change

  • Author of a series of children’s books supporting children’s well-being

  • Workshop developer and presenter

  • DVD presenter

  • Product developer

  • App creator


and now...


  • Co-founder of Impulse to Action

Tanya has a Master’s of Behaviour Management, Master’s of Counselling, Bachelor’s of Health Science, Associate Diploma of Education and a forever unfolding PhD of life.


She has supported many people with their business and life challenges, assisted them to overcome the real and perceived hurdles and blockages to see their ideas and impulses come to fruition.

Tanya has a natural love of and for people and is always ready to support corporations, businesses, groups and individuals to put their impulses into action … leading to completion.



More information on Tanya and her businesses:

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