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Webinars - Impulse to Action Consultation
Impulse To Action Consulting


Coming Soon!

Our pre-recorded webinars are designed to offer foundational principles that are required to support corporations, business, groups and individuals to turn their impulses into action. 


Topics include:

  • Doing your own whiteboard session

  • Developing understanding for people to improve relationships in the workplace

1. Doing your own whiteboard session:

A whiteboard session is simply an opportunity to unpack everything you are thinking and feeling about the idea, project, business, etc.

Putting it all down on paper, whether in words, drawings … even adding different colours to different concepts or aspects starts the process of getting to the facts – what is do-able  and what may be not.

As you start to organise the various aspects into a more understandable and manageable order, what transforms or becomes more apparent is nothing short of magic.  

Then you can start to refine, expand or see more clearly the possibility, the viability, the next steps. What else needs to be investigated further for more facts to help the decision-making process? And this may just be the initial consultation for yourself before involving others to support with the next steps.

This exercise is a great investment – YOU are after all your greatest investment and giving yourself the time and space to see whether this idea is actually a goer, has merit and viability and is something you can and want to commit to seeing through is well worth it, especially knowing the incredible support you have with and around you.

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