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Impulse To Action Consulting


Kathryn Maroney

Sought business advice through Impulse to Action

The service that Tanya and Susan offer through Impulse to Action is absolute gold! In a 2 hour session, they supported me to take ideas for a business that I had been thinking about and loosely working towards for years, into a simple and cohesive business model that was more than anything I had previously envisaged. They took my ideas and saw them in their full potential and presented this back to me in practical steps and a simple, all encompassing model. This session was the springboard I had been needing for a long time and it paved the way for me to get on and make my business happen.


I would recommend Impulse to action to anyone, for any project, idea or business. Present what you have and let Tanya and Susan help you expand it, consider all angles and take it to levels you hadn’t even considered.

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