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Initial Consultations - Impulse to Action Consulting
Impulse To Action Consulting

Initial Consultations

Whiteboard sessions are offered at your office or ours. 


Whiteboard sessions are designed to help you get all the ideas that are swirling around into a black and white format that is visual and clears the clutter to see the way forward.


Whether it be a project for an individual, for a business or an entire organisation, whiteboard sessions can be supportive for all equally.


Whiteboard sessions are an opportunity to share and unpack your:

  • Impulse

  • Idea

  • Project

  • Book

  • Business – any and all aspects and areas

  • New product or re-vamping, changing or adding to an existing product

  • New service or changing or adding to an existing service


The Impulse to Action Consulting whiteboard sessions are not confined to new commercial ventures but also support with:

  • General troubleshooting

  • Overcoming being stuck in a holding pattern

  • Wanting to expand, whether in business, relationships or anything in life for that matter …

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Get it down or in front of you in black ’n’ white.  Workshop it to get it out of your body and get what it is that you are thinking or sensing onto paper or up on the board … see where it can go, the sky is no limit.

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