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Susan Scully - Co-Founder Impulse to Act
Impulse To Action Consulting

About Susan Scully

With over 30 years of experience and success in the business, accountancy and finance industries, Susan has worked in national and international companies and held a number of company directorships and management positions – mostly while also managing and operating her own and others' businesses since 1999.


Susan knows first-hand what it means to take a business or an idea from inception to fruition and the work and varied experiences along the way – a mixture of fun, interesting and illuminating as they may be, and dedicated work and focussed attention.


From her love of meeting and working with people and businesses, Susan knows it is our relationships and making life and business about people first that are the key to success and where the true magic happens and unfolds before our eyes.


Susan gets to experience first-hand the transformation in people’s personal and business growth as they learn if not re-discover so much more about themselves – as do those around them – when being supported out of their comfort zone and venturing up streets or down alleyways they never thought to go, nor considered or even envisaged. Welcome to the world of business, projects, ideas and life!


Susan supports people on a daily basis in building up, developing and expanding their businesses through her accountancy and business consultancy practice in Brisbane. The people and organisations she supports range in size, span many industries and sectors and are located locally, nationally and internationally. 

Her wealth of knowledge, her resourcefulness and practical know-how – the result of the breadth and depth of her vast experience – means she can offer well-rounded advice and hands-on, on-site or in-house support in most if not all areas of your business.

Hence why Impulse to Action Consulting is such a natural development and unfoldment. Working alongside Tanya Curtis and other colleagues to offer people a far greater and more supportive service with an even greater pool and depth of resources ensures that, whatever the person, business, idea or project needs is well in hand – the perfect example and testament of what we can all do when we work together.

Susan’s credentials, among others:

  • Accountant, business adviser and consultant

  • FTI (Fellow of the Tax Institute)

  • Fellow of the NTAA

  • BCom (Bachelor of Commerce) – accountancy, marketing and HR

  • Registered tax agent

  • Member in practice (ABA – Australian Bookkeepers Association)

  • Xero MYOB & Reckon Professional Partners

  • Quickbooks Online ProAdvisor

  • Multi-business owner & entrepreneur

  • Multi-company & board directorships

  • JP Qual (Justice of the Peace Qualified)

  • Co-founder of Impulse to Action Consulting

Susan's commitment?
Making it easy to do business.

Nothing is too big or small for this lady to tackle,
be involved with or support when it comes to 

life, business, projects, ideas and situations.



More information on Susan and her business:

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